Offer children a future with solar home systems
Support us in connecting whole villages to education systems
Help us help Africa
Your donation flows directly into the establishment of an independent solar power network in Africa
During the day there is an abundance of light - at night in no hut
With solar home systems, we create space for human needs

Our vision: Create independent energy supply and jobs with solar for Africa

For that we need your support!


Create new jobs


Sustainable solution


Information & education


CO2 neural energy supplier


Water treatment


Medical support

We want to help in the simplest huts and villages

Most of the population in Ethiopia lives in villages like these. Without electricity and connection to education systems. We have set ourselves the goal of creating an independent energy supply for remote and poor parts of the country. 

Since a lot of resources are required for the implementation, we are grateful for any help!

We want to help with Solar Home Systems from Alphapower

The Solar Home System was specially developed for Africa and is quality "Made in Germany".

The core is the extremely robust an easy-to-use central unit. It was specially developed for long-term opertion under difficult conditions. 

The set contains a 100W solar cell, a satellite dish, a 12V TV and four lamps and light switches including cabling accessories.

We want to help 600 million people with no light switches

In many village huts it is pitch black as there are often only a few or no windows.

Half of the population of Africa lives without access to an electricity conection - one Solar Home System can supply up to 6 huts with light.

We want to help by training the local population to solar energy technicians

We don't want to distribute alms - We want to create jobs around the Solar Home Systems - The SHS should be installed and maintained directly in the village communities by local service employees - This is the only way we can sustainably jump out of the spiral of poverty and guarantee safety, which can't be guaranteed by fossil fuels.

We want to help, because evening learning is impossible

The most children do not have access to the education system - only 65% ​​of the children are enrolled in school - schools are centrally located and often far away from the rural villages - evening learning is only possible in the smoke of kerosene lamps - with our SHS the children can participate in educational programs via TV no matter what time.

The entire community also benefits from new jobs

In addition to longer business operations, completely new business areas are also emerging 

With electricity and light to more education and information


Create new jobs

Support us in creating 10,000 livelihoods through jobs in sales, service and training in sustainable solar technology.

Sustainable CO2-neutral

Regular maintenance of the Solar Home Systems creates sustainable jobs. All Solar Home Systems receive a 2-year guarantee in order to save CO2 in the long term.

Increase quality of life

Let’s work together for a higher and more sustainable standard of living - no matter which part of the planet you live on.

Promote Education

With the help of your donation, people will have more access to training opportunities via TV, radio and digital media.

Donation status May 2020

Production of robust Solar Home Systems

2000 pcs.

already produced 

Delivery of Solar Home

1000 pcs.

already delivered

Distributeion of the Solar Home Systems to the rural population

200 SHS-Systems

already installed

On site

50 jobs

 already trained

At this point, a big thank you to all of our donors and supporters!